Who is the Number One Motivational Speaker in the World?

Discover who are some of the most influential motivational speakers around the world such as Tony Robbins, Nick Vujicic or Les Brown.

Who is the Number One Motivational Speaker in the World?

David Ramsey is an American financial author, radio host, television personality and motivational speaker. Nick Vujicic was born on December 4, 1982 in Melbourne, Australia with Tetra-Amelia syndrome, a rare disorder in which someone is born without all four limbs. Brian Tracy was born on January 5, 1944 in Vancouver, Canada and is the CEO of Brian Tracy International, a company that helps individuals and organizations develop, train and grow. Robin Sharma was born in 1964 in Nepal and graduated from Dalhousie University Law School.

He became a professional lawyer but went further in his career than being a successful lawyer. Wayne Dyer was born on May 10, 1940 in Detroit and spent most of his childhood in an orphanage. Zig Ziglar has received a lot of wisdom over the years and is one of the best motivating speakers in the world. During this time, he still managed to fit into his workouts between all the training and exercises while most people rested.

He escaped from camp to compete in the Junior Mr. European competition and ended up winning. Originally, when he started in the world of motivational talks, Robbins promoted seminars for Jim Rohn. Later, he decided to start his own journey by organizing his own seminars.

He also managed to get the education he missed while homeless and tried harder to achieve all the qualifications he dreamed of being able to achieve. Tony Robbins is arguably the world's most influential motivational speaker of all time. In addition to giving a compelling motivational talk, Robbins is also a life coach, author and philanthropist. For more than 40 years, he has participated prominently in seminars around the world, especially those focused on personal development, entrepreneurship, leadership, success and wealth management.

Robbins is also known for his numerous infomercials and self-help tutorials. Some of his notable books include Unlimited Powers (198) and Awaken the Giant Within (199). Throughout his illustrious career, Tony Robbins has rubbed shoulders with prominent figures such as Bill Clinton, Serena Williams and Hugh Jackman. Les Brown Speeches Focus on Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations.

It seeks to encourage its audience to aim as high as possible and to always raise the bar every time they hit their targets. Eric Thomas, PhD., D., is one of the few influential speakers who started with humble beginnings. He grew up without a father and struggled with homelessness but didn't use his disadvantaged status as an excuse to fail in life. Some of his works worth reading include The Secret to Success and Greatness Is Upon You.

Arianna Huffington was born Ariadni-Ana Stasinopoulou on July 15, 1950 in Athens, Greece and is the founder of Thrive Global as well as co-founder and editor-in-chief of HuffPost (formerly known as Huffington Post). If you haven't heard any cheer talk from Nick Vujivic yet, shame on you! And if you don't know Nick in the first place it's a double shame. Nick's story is a pure manifestation of someone who refused to let life's challenges stop him. Although he was born without all four limbs, Nick Vujivic was not willing to let his situation define his future.

He overcame the challenges of his disability to become one of the most resourceful motivational speakers of our time. Chris Gardner's rags-to-riches story is what truly defines him as an inspirational speaker. Born February 9, 1954 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the founder and CEO of Gardner Rich LLC faced life's obstacles in every way imaginable. Chris was once a homeless single father and has since authored The Pursuit of Happyness which serves as a memoir of his struggles back then.

He is also credited with authoring Start Where You Are which highlights 44 practical and practical tips that can inspire you to achieve greater success. Oprah Winfrey was born on January 29, 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi and has been ranked among the most influential women in the world. Technically Oprah Winfrey is not a professional motivational speaker but she has delivered hundreds of thought-provoking opening speeches and is the author of numerous inspirational books. This famous male motivational speaker has already delivered his speeches in more than 50 countries and continues to count.

Yogesh is an award-winning speaker who has made a career helping, inspiring, motivating and empowering people something he started doing at a young age. He is a leading influencer of social media businesses globally and a motivating speaker who also provides sales training. Jim Rohn has helped many people achieve success including motivational speaker Anthony Robbins. He was a highly acclaimed public motivational speaker and author of 12 New York Times bestsellers out of 20 books he wrote on self-development.

Zig Ziglar was one of the best motivational speakers in the world having inspired approximately 250 million or a quarter of a billion people throughout his life. He began his career at the young age of 17 when he began working with Jim Rohn another famous professional motivational speaker. As a motivating speaker Daymond will motivate your employees to work hard and be creative to achieve success. Eric Thomas is one of the leading motivating speakers and author of the New York Times bestseller “The Secret to Success”.