How to Make Money as a Motivational Speaker

Learn how to make money as a motivational speaker with expert SEO tips. Find out how to use talks, books & digital content to generate income.

How to Make Money as a Motivational Speaker

Are you a positive-minded person with good speaking skills? If so, you may want to consider earning money as a motivational speaker. Motivational speakers have the opportunity to generate income by working with corporations, sports organizations, law enforcement and military agencies, schools, and private groups. The main source of income for many motivational speakers comes from talks. They often supplement their income by selling books on site and online.

Other speakers use a loss-leading model, giving break-even or low-cost talks to drive book sales and online training courses. If you develop a popular YouTube channel, you can earn revenue from advertising on the site. Motivational speakers specialize in giving inspirational speeches at banquets or dinners. They also speak at government functions, corporate events, professional meetings, schools, resorts, conventions, spas, and even work on cruise ships.

Motivational speakers who offer these services are paid based on their experience and ability to attract people to an event. A successful and aspiring motivational speaker will use any opportunity to speak in front of an audience. The salary of a motivating speaker is not constant. Instead, each one has a rate sheet.

Some public speakers cost an arm and a leg, while others charge much less. You may be one of the best speakers out there, but if you don't know how to make money, you'll still be a hungry speaker. In today's world, the highest-paid motivational speakers have fans from around the world. Being a motivating speaker is a challenging job that requires a confident, honest, polite and articulate person with a warm personality. Some motivational speakers expand on the messages contained in their speeches by compiling them into e-books and selling them on their blogs.

Some companies hire motivating professional speakers as brand ambassadors when they need to make a presentation. Because they are paid for participation or based on sales of books or digital content, it can be difficult to find an accurate average salary for a motivating speaker. However, one of the most famous motivational speakers is Tony Robbins who has written 15 best-selling books on leadership and personality development. If you have the right skills and attitude to become a successful motivational speaker, you can make money by speaking at events or selling books and digital content online. You can also use your YouTube channel to generate revenue from advertising.